Journey with us through the bible in this exciting 8-week course. Develop a deeper relationship with God's Word, uncover His promises and gain a love for the Word like never before. Dive deeper and discover more of all He has for YOU - His child. In this course, we will be continuing to unpack God's Master Plan of redemption and salvation as we journey with the freshly birthed nation of Israel through the books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

In this course you will learn about the foreshadows of Christ through the Sacrifices, Laws, and feasts as well as see the Hand of God resting upon and at times resisting the people of Israel in the desert as they progress to possessing the land promised to Abraham.

Pastor Don, Pastor Lori, and Daniel Burton will pull out nuggets of truth that will help you see God’s amazing love for his people on every page.

You will receive an email before class begins with your PDF available for download. ***If you are joining us online and would like to have the book printed and mailed to you, you can add it to the cart with this product. The cost is just $5 each which covers the cost of shipping the book to you.*Only available to be shipped in the USA.

Written 2 - LND - Married Couples


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