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HCSKL presents  Healing


As inheritors of a better covenant and participators in the Divine nature, we have access to divine health and a right to receive the healing Jesus purchased for all who would call upon His name. 


In this eight week course we will be laying a strong biblical foundation and activating students in Healing and The Miraculous.


Through this course we will explore such topics as: 

-The Children's Bread

-The Blood and Atonement

-Gifts of Healings, Miracles and Faith

-Healing Anointing

-The Power, Authority and Dominion of Christ


-Thickening the Anointing


It's going to be an amazing time in The Lord and an incredible time of breakthrough. Don't miss your spot!


It is going to be an exciting time in Jesus.  Register now and join us for this exciting 8-week course!

*Must register online


Individual: $99

Married couples: $149

Household Families: $199


Thursday Nights

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Harvest Chapel

July 11 - September 5

**This course will not be available online.  


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